What is Härnu?

Härnu is a new service that helps you connect with people around the world in your preferred language. The word Härnu is a concatenation of the Swedish "Här", meaning "Here", and "Nu", meaning "Now".

Why did you create Härnu?

We are passionate about the potential for connecting the world via authentic, direct conversations. From those conversations, we believe, will flow a shared understanding of the world, and greater empathy between people.

Why would I use Härnu?

That depends on you. Maybe you're seeking another point of view on an issue in the news, or looking to practice a foreign language with a native speaker. Maybe you are trying to expand your business internationally, or you’re just curious about a foreign country — perhaps one you hope to visit someday. Whatever your reasons, chances are you'll find someone on Härnu that wants to talk to you too — someone you might not have met any other way.

How does Härnu work?

Härnu is easy to use. There are just three steps:

  1. Share your unique genius! Tell the world what you wish to talk about on Härnu. Maybe it's local food, the political situation in your region, or your love of music. Whatever your interests, let other people on Härnu know by completing your profile.
  2. Send messages around the world: Want to know something about a particular place? You can send a message to that part of the world, and someone there will reply to your message.
  3. Reply to messages from around the world: Look for messages sent to your part of the world and share your perspective with other people on Härnu.

What else can I do on Härnu?

In addition to connecting with people, you can read news from around the world with content from Global Voices and Google News. You can also discover music from around the world via content provided by Soundcloud.

Just look for the news and music icons above the map.

How is Härnu different than other social networks?

Unlike most social networks, Härnu helps you create connections with people that you don't know, but with whom you have an interest or shared context in common. In other words, Härnu helps you find people with whom it makes sense to connect.

What about my privacy?

Your name is not shared, and you can pick your own username and avatar.

Why do you ask for my Facebook profile information?

We do this for two reasons. First, it keeps things simple, saving you having to create an entirely new profile with a new user name and password. Second, it helps Härnu users verify that you are a real person. When people sign up and log in with their Facebook/Twitter accounts, their number of friends/followers is shown to other users.

The goal is to give all Härnu users a level of comfort that those communicating with them are who they claim to be.

Is Härnu free?

Yes. Härnu is free for anyone to use. In addition, optional premium features are coming soon.

How can I learn more about Härnu?

You can always contact us! You can also read what other people have been saying about us recently:

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